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What is the difference between magnetic suction track lights and ordinary lights

What are track lights

A track lamp is a lamp mounted on a similar track, which can be irradiated at any Angle. It is generally used as a spot lamp in places where key lighting is needed. Track lights are used in the home from public areas such as shopping malls, exhibition halls and high-end clubs. There is no requirement for space. Linear tracks can be installed openly and darkly, and various arrangement combinations can be changed arbitrarily to meet the lighting needs of the space. Point with line, line with surface not only in space design, space light design is also the same.

Advantages of track lights

Flexible and convenient use

The irradiation range of the track lamp also has a great degree of freedom and all-round flexibility. The light distribution and projection Angle of the lamp are accurate and adjustable, which can better adapt to various design requirements. The number of lamps can be increased or decreased on the track. The track lamp is also a kind of spot lamp. Each lamp can freely define the irradiation area.

It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios

Track lights can be integrated into various styles of interior design, with a simple and light luxury feeling.

Comfortable experience

The track light has no staphyloscopic and anti-glare design, and is also scattered lighting, so it can not only meet the overall basic lighting, but also local lighting, and enhance the indoor atmosphere.

Magnetic suction track light and ordinary track light difference

Voltage: In fact, the magnetic suction lamp is also a track lamp, the main difference between the two is that the magnetic suction track is generally low pressure, ordinary track is 220v.

Lamp fixation: magnetic suction lamp and track is fixed by magnetic attraction, the same principle as the magnet, so you can save the width of the card slot.

Linear track lamp

There are many kinds of track lights, and the common one is the barrel shape. However, the long track spot lights give more possibility to the track, breaking people's cognition that the traditional track lights can only focus on lighting.

Strip lamps have a wide range of light and are suitable for the basic lighting of the space to create environmental light. The anti-glare design of the luminaire surface makes the light source soft and not dazzling.

The linear design gives people an illusion of space extension. The penetration of lines gives the space depth and transparency.

In addition to the above advantages of long track spotlights. It has the advantage of adjustable irradiation area of spotlights. The transverse can be adjusted 360°, the longitudinal can be adjusted 180°, and the irradiation area is flexible. It also has the advantage of track lights, which are easy to match and can be used with circular track lights to meet the diverse lighting needs of the space.