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what is spotlight

Spotlight is the use of spot lenses or reflectors and other light gathered into the light. It is the most used light in studios and studios. LED spotlights use LED as the light source.

LED spotlight. Also known as LED spotlight, LED spotlight. LED spotlight through the built-in microchip control, in small engineering applications, can be used without a controller, can achieve fade, jump, color flicker, random flicker and other dynamic effects, but also through the control of DMX, chase, scan and other effects. 

High power floodlight is a high-power LED as the light source, composed of three primary colors mixed color change projection lighting fixtures, intelligent controller to achieve synchronization effect, and access to the console. Users can enter their own data for programming control. The floodlight uses digital tube address, while the floodlight has a built-in fixed program to achieve synchronization and self-linking function. The floodlight is sealed and reliable, and the angle and position of the light throwing can be adjusted to make it in the best position to achieve the most satisfactory lighting effect.


Spotlight is the use of spot lenses or reflectors and other light gathered into the light.

Reflector light is a simple spot light type, with strong illumination, narrow illumination, and easy to focus light towards a specific area in the scene, and is the most used kind of light in studios and studios.

The difference between led spotlight and spotlight is that the LED spotlight uses LED lamp beads, rather than traditional light bulbs, LED lamp beads have a longer service life than traditional light bulbs, the function is the same, both play the role of light gathering.

General Introduction

The led spotlight consists of LED high brightness beads, divided into 36 beads and 54 beads.

LED is produced by superconducting light-emitting crystal ultra-high intensity light, it emits heat and less, unlike incandescent light that emits a lot of heat, unlike fluorescent lamps that produce toxic gases due to high energy consumption, and unlike neon lights that require high voltage and easy to damage, has been recognized by the whole enough as a new generation of environmentally friendly high-tech products.

LED light source as a new light source, less power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, with the incomparable advantages of traditional light sources, is one of the key projects advocated by the state, the development of the future lighting development is also the road to go.


LED spotlight small size, low heat, long life, theoretical life of 50000-80000 hours.

Traditional spotlights such as cold light source spotlight, transmitted spotlight, tungsten spotlight life is generally 200-500 hours (the gap is extremely obvious), solid-state light source, no inflatable, no strobe, maintenance-free advantages, in the same illumination than the traditional spotlight power saving 8-10 times.

Is the ideal lighting for stage, studio lighting.


1. the use of LED lamps and lanterns must be operated and installed by professional lighting technicians or professional electricians in accordance with the safety rules.

2. Operate strictly according to the procedures described in the manual, do not disassemble the lamps and lanterns without permission. Failure should be repaired by professionals, repair must purchase the original parts or electronic parts corresponding to the parameters. 

3. fixed installation, pay attention to prevent the lamp from strong vibration or impact. 

4. before powering on, ensure that the power supply is well grounded and the connected parts are tightened to avoid electric shock.

5. Do not open the luminaire without any user serviceable parts inside the luminaire. 

6. When transporting again, please pay attention to shockproof and preferably use the original.