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Ofrecemos productos de nivel medio y alto, lámparas de aleación de aluminio, fuentes de luz prestigiosas, aislamiento y una vida de hasta cinco años.
Fullamps Lighting Technology Limited  Co., Ltd.

LED Lighting Designer And Manufacturer

FULLAMPS Lighting Technology Limited is a professional led lighting designer and manufacturer in DongGuan City of China since 2008, Currently there are over 300 employees and workshop of more than 15,000 square meters, R&D Team is 10 years experience in lighting making and OEM&ODM. which devotes supplying High-end and Cost-effective LED track lights, LED down lights, LED ceiling lights, LED office light, LED lighting fixtures and other interior luminaires. Thanks to strong R&D, Production ability, strong Management system and service ability, we build a great long-term relationship with the famous companies in different countries.
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Hemos proporcionado 50000 juegos de lámparas a más de 60 países europeos, sirviendo a más de 1000 proyectos de gama media y alta.
Dirección del caso Shenzhen multilateral International Center

Lámpara de raya LED 5050 - 60led pared lavadora fr1304w 3000kled Hotel iluminación Santi proyector de luz óptica fr1336 W 10w 3000k

Dirección del caso Manzanilla de Shenzhen

Lámparas de barrido LED fr1066 15 W 3000 kfr1068 2 * 15 W 3000 kled lámparas empotradas fr1042 25w 3000k

Dirección del caso Dubai madinath Jumeirah super market.

Faros orbitales LED F 1041 30w 3000k y faros LED del anexo orbital LED fr1363 10w 3000k

Dirección del caso Proyecto de iluminación de la cadena Adidas.

Lámparas orbitales LED ft1030 30w ft1031 - 40wled lámparas lineales FR - n426530w / 40w 1,5 m 3000k / 40000 k barras orbitales tridimensionales y anexos orbitales

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Honores y certificados

Los chips LED de primera clase crean productos de iluminación LED de la más alta calidad más confiables, seguros y duraderos. Los conductores que usamos y el personal relacionado son conductores de marca que hemos probado durante más de cinco años. La estabilidad y la buena calidad son las únicas razones por las que la usamos.
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Fulamps, un proveedor de soluciones de iluminación de lámparas de gama media y alta, está trabajando duro para crecer y crecer juntos. Como familia de amantes de la luz con la misma visión.
2023-06-16 / Oficina de información
How Die Casting Creates Durable LED Housings
LED lights have become ubiquitous in everything from consumer products to automotive and industrial applications. The housings that encase these LED components play an important role in securing the
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2023-06-16 / Oficina de información
Sturdy Table Spotlights And Spot Light Fixtures For Task Lighting
A stable table spotlight or spot light fixture can provide focused, adjustable task lighting right where you need it for a wide range of activities. From reading and crafting to working and cooking, a
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2023-04-26 / Oficina de información
What is the difference between magnetic suction track lights and ordinary lights
What are track lightsA track lamp is a lamp mounted on a similar track, which can be irradiated at any Angle. It is generally used as a spot lamp in places where key lighting is needed. Track lights
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2023-04-20 / Oficina de información
LED Surface Downlight: A Guide to OEM Suppliers in China
LED surface downlights are becoming increasingly popular in the lighting industry. With their low energy consumption, high efficiency, and long lifespan, they are a great choice for many applications.
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2023-04-20 / Oficina de información
The History of Wall Washer Downlights and Their Manufacturers
Wall washer downlight, also known as wall washers or wall grazers, are a type of recessed LED downlight designed to evenly illuminate vertical surfaces like walls. Rather than dispersing light
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2023-04-14 / Oficina de información
Comparing About Wall Washer Downlight And Led Surface Downlight
Wall washer downlights and LED surface downlights are versatile lighting fixtures that provide directed, focused illumination. They are ideal for accent lighting applications where you want to
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2023-03-07 / Oficina de información
No Main Light, Lighting, Magnetic Absorption Rail Light, Decoration, Understand These, Do Not Overturn
Distance between two rows of magnetic absorption track lamps and the wallSuspended ceiling diffuse reflection lamp trough is about 20cm from the wall (about 15cm from the bottom)The magnetic
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2023-03-07 / Oficina de información
What are the advantages of spectral downlight?
The full spectrum is based on the solar spectrum. The closer the LED light source of the barrel lamp is to the solar spectrum, the better; The full spectrum tube spot lamp can reproduce the sunlight
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